Vina Eguia Tempranillo 2013


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Winery: Vina Eguia
Varietal: Tempranillo
Composition: 100% Tempranillo

Date Purchased: 4/13/17
Location Purchased: World Market
Cost: $8.99
Date Consumed: 4/24/17

Review/Notes: I got to pick my dog up from the emergency vet this morning where she had been spending a not inexpensive weekend. At 17 years old things that are rather more routine for our younger dog require quite a bit more work. So that whole experience contributed to my general level of exhaustion over the weekend. Happily we have plenty of wine. Last night was a zin, tonight we opened this rioja. 

This one was a bit abrupt right out of the bottle as well but softened up nicely. It’s got a bit of fruitiness to it but not too sweet. I would describe it as a bit edgy. My allergies are insane right now so I’m probably missing out on some of the subtle nuance but I’m still enjoying it quite a bit.

Zinfatuation Zinfandel 2014


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Winery: Trinchero Napa Valley
Varietal: Zinfandel

Date Purchased: 4/13/17
Location Purchased: World Market
Cost: $8.99
Date Consumed: 4/24/17

Review/Notes: We uncorked this wine while preparing a porterhouse. It was a bit acidic at first taste but mellowed out in the glass nicely. It wasn’t too fruity or sweet, nicely balanced. I think we have had this wine, maybe from a different year, previously and I would be happy to try it again in the future.

Jacqueline Leonne Brut NV


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Winery: Jacqueline Leonne Cellars
Varietal: Brut
Composition: 75% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir

Date Purchased: 10/2/1026
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $14.99
Date Consumed: 4/10/17

Review/Notes: This one we were saving for a special night, not sure why but we were and that special night finally arrived! In the immortal words of Flo Rida…”Open up the champagne….pop!” This wine is from New Mexico of all places, kinda fun, kinda different. I feel like the last time we had a wine from a non-traditional wine region we realized why more wines aren’t made there. This one breaks that pattern though as it is quite nice.

The cork smelled fresh and a bit like a bakery in a good way. This wine was crisp and a little less than brut, with respect to dryness. It was bright on the palate. I might get this one again, it’s perfectly serviceable but my mind isn’t really blown by the nascent wine growing region of New Mexico. 

Rare Red Red Wine


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We got two bottles of this at Publix as a BOGO, I think it was maybe $14 per bottle, this is the first of the two bottles. We had this with pasta with red sauce. It did pretty well with the acidity of the tomato sauce and it was pretty accessible right out of the bottle.

The label claims it is more on the dry and full-bodied sides of those separate scales and I would tend to agree with that assessment. I’m enjoying this one and would get it again.

Locatour Cabernet Sauvignon 2015


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Publix 12/30/2016 $15.49 but bogo 

We had this wine after a long day of exercising and washing the dog. After riding 56 miles with a bonus 2 mile transition run, I was very excited to get to bathe our 90+ pound chocolate lab. Brown dog was pretty excited about it too.

I made some penne carbonara for dinner to carb up before the 20 mile run in store for tomorrow. This wine went well with the pasta. It’s pretty smooth, not too acidic or fruity, pretty well balanced. I would drink some more of this one!

Chateau L’Oiseau Bordeaux 2014


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Winery: Chateau L’Oiseau
Varietal: Bordeaux

Date Purchased: 10/2/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $9.99
Date Consumed: 3/20/17

Review/Notes: Uncorked this one to celebrate Monday being mostly done. I was making some pasta and feeling the need for an old world red. First impressions were that this one is rather dry. It has some depth to it, which I like, but not much brightness. I would almost describe it as earthy. Probably not really a spring wine.

It was a bit tinny with the red sauce. As the bottle has been open longer and we’ve had more wine it definitely seems more full on the palate. Definitely more agreeable as the bottle wears on…

Love Noir Pinot Noir 2015


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We got this one at Publix as a BOGO, $11.49 for two bottles. Its got a fun bottle but can the wine stand up to the bottle awesomeness…drink on to see! 

I made some green beans with more cauliflower mash and some sautéed chicken with a cream sherry sauce. The green beans might have been my favorite item. None of this specifically went with the Love Noir. The first glass, with dinner, didn’t blow my doors off. It tasted a bit thin, not very robust. It’s got a bit of fruitiness to it and the second glass is going down smoother. It still has a slightly acidic twang to it but I’m less put off by it the more I drink, which is probably more a reflection on me than the wine? 

I’m interested to see what the other bottle does.

Locatour Red Blend 2014

Publix 12/30/2016 $15.49 bogo with cab 

So this one was a BOGO and we weren’t committed to getting 4 bottles so we split the red blend and cab. We had polished off 3 Dark N’Stormies made with Cruzan Black Strap prior to dinner so going in this wine was going to be good. We served it with NY Strip and cauliflower mash and green beans. 

This one is a bit fruity and lighter, not too acidic. Not the best match for red meat but perfectly accessible when 3 drinks in. I am excited to try the cab we’ve got in the rack. This one is nice and light, good warm weather wine. 

Chateau Planeres Cotes du Roussillon 2014


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Winery: Chateau Planeres
Varietal: Cotes du Roussillon

Date Purchased: 11/20/2016
Location Purchased: World Market
Cost: $7.99
Date Consumed: 3/7/2017

Review/Notes: This one got stuck with some pasta with red sauce, it was not my favorite out of the box (or bottle). The red sauce didn’t go super great with it, the acidity wasn’t fantastic with this wine. Not a huge amount of fruit or body to it but it was nice and wet. 

I’m still looking for that great bargain French wine, still haven’t found it. Any suggestions?

Aspaldi Rioja Cosecha 2014


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Winery: Aspaldi
Varietal: Rioja

Date Purchased: 11/19/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $9.99
Date Consumed: 2/7/2017

Review/Notes: We popped the top off of this bad boy to commemorate night three of pork fried in different ways. Last night we had a Zinfandel that was very nice with pork cubed steaks, tonight we had bread crumb battered and fried pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and onion gravy with some lima beans on the side. 

This wine is not overly fruity, it’s got some nice body to it and a decent level of acidity. It’s more on the dry side. It’s not overwhelmingly amazing but it’s not bad by any stretch, I would drink it again but I might not seek it out.