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IMG_1986IMG_1987Purchased at Tim’s Wine Market in January 2015, received as a birthday gift! Yay me, great gift because it is delicious. And as an aside, if you need a really awesome wine that is not ‘run of the mill’ then you need to pop in here and talk to them because they have a great selection of wines and they really know their stuff, tell them what you are looking for, or what it is similar to, and they will help you pick something fantastic.

This is the best Cava I have had, I don’t think that it really qualifies as a “cheap” wine by our normal shopping patterns, and you could tell from the moment the cork popped. It has a great smell of rising bread and is crisp and light and completely satisfying. There’s a hint of citrus that is easily overpowered by a lemon bar. Don’t think that we eat lemon bars all the time, quite the contrary, which is why they’re still in the fridge.