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  Winery: Cantine Maschio
Varietal: Prosecco Brut
Composition: 100% Glera

Date Purchased: 12/18/2015
Location Purchased: Publix
Cost: $12.59 per bottle but bought as a BOGO so $6.30 per bottle this time around.
Date Consumed: 12/24/2015

Review/Notes: So I popped the top off of the first of these bottles while prepping for Christmas Eve dinner and festivities. I’m still a little surprised we only drank two bottles that night. It was nice, a little fruity but not terribly so. As a BOGO, heck yeah, why not load up the fridge with it, it’s perfectly serviceable for those mid-week celebrations when flat wine just won’t cut it. #itscalledtuesday