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  Winery: Maison Trimbach
Varietal: Riesling

Date Purchased: 2/6/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $19.99
Date Consumed: 6/13/2016

Review/Notes: We uncorked this one with a variant of Caesar salad with some grilled chicken skewers. The salad was fun and tasty. 

This is the second Riesling in our tasting triplet that started with the Loosen Brothers bottle a few months ago. The Trimbach feels a little tighter to me. Lightly fruity and not too sweet. I found myself wanting a Zinfandel tonight but that’s just because I’m weird and it is really humid here and the wine wasn’t as crisply cold as it could have been right out of the fridge. But that’s just me right at this moment. Overall I like this wine better than the Loosen Brothers.