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Winery: Bogle Vineyards
Varietal: Zinfandel
Composition: Zinfandel

Date Purchased: 6/4/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $8.97
Date Consumed: 7/24/2016

Review/Notes: Feeling a bit out of season in the hunger direction, we decided to make Swedish Meatballs tonight. Actually we decided to make them several weeks ago and just tonight actually got around to it…maybe we were waiting for winter. It is still about 120 degrees outside though so we whiffed on that. Is it ever 120 degrees in Sweden? Maybe if any Swedes read this blog they can weigh in on weather patterns in their native land? 

All of that being said, this wine worked out pretty well with the sour cream tinged sauce on the meatballs. We here at the cheapwinelist do enjoy a tasty Zin and this one is no exception. Its light and has a bit of an acidic edge to it. Its not exceptionally sweet or fruity but it is nice and red and delicious though it stands out in no major way at all. Perfectly serviceable and all but not fantastic. One of our tasters has also indicated that she likes the cork, so there’s that. If you’re a cork collector or its on sale then go ahead and stock up!