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Winery: Bodega Faustino
Varietal: Rioja
Composition: 100% Tempranillo

Date Purchased: 10/9/2016
Location Purchased: Publix
Cost: $8.99 but bought it BOGO so $4.50 per bottle
Date Consumed:

Review/Notes: Wow this one was quite a bit different from the wine we had last night. It seemed very full in my mouth, dare I say robust. It’s got a big smell, sort of picking up some black cherry, and seems very fruity and not so acidic. I wouldn’t call it crisp. I might call it tangy. This is probably not one of the more nuanced wines I have ever consumed but that’s ok. It doesn’t have to be. If it were on special again, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up a couple more bottles.

The old Spanish gentleman on the label is fun, he reminds me of the Italian gentleman on the label of Birra Moretti and that’s not a bad thing. Though it is probably not moving a lot of stock off the shelves.