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Winery: Azienda Piazzini
Varietal: Chianti

Date Purchased: 10/2/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $9.99
Date Consumed: 10/17/2016

Review/Notes: This one was opened to go with chicken in a scotch cream sauce with white rice and lima beans. The scotch cream sauce turned out really nice…but that’s for another blog. This wine came on the heels of consuming several swigs of blackberry moonshine because I wanted a little something to drink while I worked on dinner prep. I was initially concerned that there had been too many swigs of moonshine leading up to dinner as I hadn’t had a lot to eat or drink and I was fearing being in that dreaded overconsumed state. All was well though.

The first glass of this wine was a little harsh but it was right out of the bottle. The wine opened up nicely and was really nicely balanced without too much fruitiness or acidity. Owing probably to the too-many swigs of moonshine I am only now writing this the morning after, whoops, so I am little thin on the particular details of our experience with it. I would get it again though.