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Winery: Ravenswood Winery
Varietal: Zindandel

Date Purchased: 10/20/2016
Location Purchased: Publix
Cost: $8.99 but purchased as a BOGO so $4.50/bottle.
Date Consumed: 10/23/2016

Review/Notes: This one was BOGO at Publix, whooooo! I was going to get some cab too but thought we needed more Zin than anything else. We uncorked this one after going through some Shiner Bock while making dinner, a smoked roast beef with a butternut squash and quinoa melange. The wine doesn’t really jump out of the glass, which is unfortunate because I remember Ravenswood being more exciting in the past. Maybe it’s the beer? It does have a fun garnet color though someone at the table described it as red, tough room. It seems a bit fruity, picking up some berries in there and maybe cherries? 

Undoubtedly it will get better deeper into the bottle and there is another bottle in the rack for another day.