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Winery: Prophecy Wines
Varietal: Red Blend
Date Purchased: 10/2/2016
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $9.99
Date Consumed: 10/24/2016

Review/Notes: We uncorked this one while dinner was coming together. Tonight was more of a collaborative dinner creation event because I was out at meetings until later than normal. We had it with pork cubed steaks with smashed potatoes and onion gravy. The food was pretty tasty and the wine wasn’t bad either. This one is a bit sweeter with more fruit. It is very smooth and easy to drink. It feels like it fills your mouth up with flavor. I’d be curious to know what grapes are used in this one but couldn’t find it listed.

This wine is a bit more accessible than the Ravenswood from last night, both fruity but this one seems a bit more balanced.