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Winery: Mark West
Varietal: Pinot Noir

Date Purchased: 10/9/2016
Location Purchased: CVS
Cost: $9.99
Date Consumed: 11/9/2016

Review/Notes: I was excited about this one when we opened it and it was nice enough but didn’t really blow my doors off. It was a bit bitter at first and slightly acidic, very thin on the palate. 

Now I’m listening to Billy Joel and being nostalgic for New York City. We used to go to the Astro Diner on 6th Avenue before going to shows at Carnegie Hall…but I digress.

Sadly this wine isn’t doing a whole lot to keep my attention. I don’t think it is exceptionally fruity or noteworthy, not that those two go hand in hand. Maybe this was an off bottle or a bad year or just one more reason not to buy wine at a CVS?