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Winery: Cave de Roquebrun
Varietal: Saint Chinian

Date Purchased: 11/20/2016
Location Purchased: World Market
Cost: $8.79
Date Consumed: 1/10/2017

Review/Notes: The cork did not want to come out of this one, it got a little mangled on the way out so I employed the butler’s corkscrew to finish the job. It smelled a little wonky at first, what with the cork and all I was worried it might be off but the first sip was deep and complex? Maybe it wasn’t complex but the first gulp was nice either way. 

For dinner there was rice and sautéed zucchini with some chicken with a nice onion gravy/sauce that was light and really good (if I do say so myself). The wine worked pretty well with all of that. This wine has a bit of bite to it, a bit acidic. It’s not particularly sweet or fruity. Just nice. 

And now Paul Simon is singing about 50 ways to leave your lover and that is making me a bit nostalgic, Pandora is really bringing it tonight with the playlist. But I digress.

My glass is pretty much empty right now so I can come up with no more wine wisdom at this moment.