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Winery: Jacqueline Leonne Cellars
Varietal: Brut
Composition: 75% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir

Date Purchased: 10/2/1026
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $14.99
Date Consumed: 4/10/17

Review/Notes: This one we were saving for a special night, not sure why but we were and that special night finally arrived! In the immortal words of Flo Rida…”Open up the champagne….pop!” This wine is from New Mexico of all places, kinda fun, kinda different. I feel like the last time we had a wine from a non-traditional wine region we realized why more wines aren’t made there. This one breaks that pattern though as it is quite nice.

The cork smelled fresh and a bit like a bakery in a good way. This wine was crisp and a little less than brut, with respect to dryness. It was bright on the palate. I might get this one again, it’s perfectly serviceable but my mind isn’t really blown by the nascent wine growing region of New Mexico.