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Winery: Vina Eguia
Varietal: Tempranillo
Composition: 100% Tempranillo

Date Purchased: 4/13/17
Location Purchased: World Market
Cost: $8.99
Date Consumed: 4/24/17

Review/Notes: I got to pick my dog up from the emergency vet this morning where she had been spending a not inexpensive weekend. At 17 years old things that are rather more routine for our younger dog require quite a bit more work. So that whole experience contributed to my general level of exhaustion over the weekend. Happily we have plenty of wine. Last night was a zin, tonight we opened this rioja. 

This one was a bit abrupt right out of the bottle as well but softened up nicely. It’s got a bit of fruitiness to it but not too sweet. I would describe it as a bit edgy. My allergies are insane right now so I’m probably missing out on some of the subtle nuance but I’m still enjoying it quite a bit.