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Winery: Domaine Guy Mousset
Varietal: Cotes du Rhone
Composition: 80% Grenache & 20% Syrah

Date Purchased: 5/13/2017
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $9.51
Date Consumed: 7/20/17

Review/Notes: This one got uncorked after a couple Shiner Bocks that closed out a rough afternoon. I’ve not had great luck finding the value French wines but this one is probably my favorite in that category so far. It went pretty well with chicken picatta and it went pretty well after chicken picatta too, bonus. We got a couple bottles of this one so that’s good, looking forward to the next one. It’s got a bit of an edge to it and you can pick up some fruit. It’s not particularly heavy, maybe a little acidic but not overwhelmingly so. I would buy it again.